Why Trade Cryptocurrency at Lykke?

Lykke Wallet is an all-in-one free crypto trading platform (app and web interface) with zero trading fees and low buy-sell spreads. It offers 20+ selected cryptocurrencies with liquidity and multiple crypto-to-fiat pairs. Deposit as little as 50 EUR / GBP / CHF by credit card or bank transfer. Lykke is the only crypto exchange platform that covers the bank deposit and withdrawal fees for its customers! This is how you can trade cryptocurrency absolutely for free at Lykke.

Apart from the trading conditions as such, the Lykke Wallet combines a number of features that make our platform an all-in-one solution for all kinds of cryptocurrency and forex traders:

  • Direct fiat on-ramp and off-ramp:
    Deposit and withdraw EUR, CHF, and GBP by bank transfer without fees or by card for instant processing.

  • Use the platform of your choice:
    Web interface or Android / iOS / Huawei app. You can also connect your trading bot through our API.

  • Widely accessible:
    Very low trading limits: deposit as little as 1 euro. We admit users from 117 countries.

  • Lots of crypto and forex pairs:
    We offer some 20+ selected cryptocurrencies with liquidity and fiat-to-crypto or fiat-to-fiat pairs, and the list is growing!

  • Trading with no headache: 
    Choose between market and limit orders and take advantage of the 0% trading fee.

  • No inactivity or other hidden fees, all the costs are totally transparent.

  • HFT or algo trading friendly:
    Lykke Wallet is one of the very few exchanges that offer 0 taker and 0 maker fees to API traders.

  • Accessible and efficient human support: 
    We do not hide behind the bots! Contact our support and our officers will do their best to resolve your doubts or difficulties.

  • Robust architecture resistant to trading peaks:
    When other crypto exchanges’ servers get overloaded during trading hype peaks, the Lykke Wallet platform keeps on transaction processing thanks to our scalable infrastructure.

  • Good reputation, regulation compliance and transparency:
    Lykke Wallet operates under a temporary license by FCA and is awaiting the permanent approval. Every year we conduct an independent audit of the balance sheet and respond against our investors at the regular coinholder meeting.

And not to forget...

  • Free crypto trading:
    The cost of transactions is much lower than the market average: the price that you set in your limit order is the final transaction price, there's no trading fee on top of it. This is how Lykke creates conditions for its customers to trade cryptocurrency for free.

About Lykke

The Lykke Wallet platform is just one of various financial products and services of Lykke Corp., a group of companies that develop B2B and B2P blockchain-based solutions for the digitization of financial markets. Lykke was founded in 2013 and entered the market in 2015. Several years of experience in this nascent industry allowed us to develop unique expertise in building robust, reliable and scalable digital products that contribute to the democratization of financial markets. 

“Democratization of financial markets” means to us creating equally favorable trading conditions to all traders regardless of the volume they generate. In traditional finance, whales notoriously have much better conditions than laymen. Lykke offers cryptocurrency trading with no commissions to all kinds of traders: retail, API, and corporate. Moreover, by setting specific KPIs for the listed assets, we make sure that the buy-sell spreads remain low and the liquidity is high. Together with the zero trading fees, these conditions for free crypto trading are particularly interesting to high-frequency traders. This is how we level the playing field on the financial market and contribute to its democratization.