ChronoBank Partners with Lykke

The time-based cryptocurrency project has partnered with a well-known blockchain trading company to provide fast and user-friendly exchange services. ChronoBank, a blockchain-based initiative aimed at disrupting the short-term recruitment sector, has announced a partnership with mobile wallet and trading enterprise Lykke – allowing users to trade ChronoBank’s tokens for other currencies frictionlessly.

ChronoBank, which is currently holding its crowdfund, has so far raised over 3,000 BTC for marketing and development. It will connect employers with those seeking work, disintermediating the labour-hire sector in the same way that Uber disrupted the taxi business…

WISekey and Lykke to integrate Cybersecurity into Blockchain Applications

WISeKey International Holding Ltd (WIHN.SW) (“WISeKey”), a leading global cybersecurity company and Lykke announced today during the Davos Internet of Value Blockchain RoundTable a joint agreement to integrate and co-offer their flagship products: the Lykke Wallet and the WISeKey suite of software, APIs, and servers, to secure access to data and devices in the world. Lykke will integrate the WISeKey identity and security stack into its digital wallets and software, while WISeKey, in addition to its WISWatch and other security devices, will offer a “WISeKey wallet by Lykke” to its customers…

Lykke Terms of Issuance Update

The Terms and Conditions of Lykke FX colored coins issuance have been updated and will come into force on December 31, 2016. The redemption date is extended to January 1, 2019. New colored coin assets are added.

Please check the updated version. If you have any questions, send us a message to

Lykke Joins the Hyperledger Project

Lykke has joined the Hyperledger Project, a collaborative cross-industry effort created to advance blockchain technology.

The Hyperledger project is a global collaboration including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger as a Collaborative Project under the foundation.

“We’re looking forward to being part of the Hyperledger project,” said Richard Olsen, Lykke founder and CEO…

Demetrios Zamboglou Joins Lykke to Establish World’s First Crypto-Marketplace

Lykke has hired Demetrios Zamboglou as its Chief Business Development Officer to lead ongoing development of its novel crypto-marketplace business model.

Mr. Zamboglou is a FX & CFD veteran with over a decade’s experience in Trading, Risk Management and Operations, having worked at senior positions at Alpari (UK), ForexClub, ForexTime and setting up his own FX brokerage zebraFX in 2012, and then selling the business in 2015…

Lykke Integrates SolarCoin into Global Marketplace

Lykke today announced the integration of the SolarCoin digital currency into the Lykke Exchange. The SolarCoin project incentivizes the generation of solar electricity through a freely obtainable financial reward. Lykke users are now able to buy, sell, and exchange SolarCoin alongside other supported currencies.

“Our users can now convert sunshine directly into francs, euros or bitcoins,” said Lykke founder and CEO Richard Olsen. ““Bringing the SolarCoin currency into the Lykke Exchange is a logical extension of our long-term plan. We are always looking for ways to expand market access and increase participation”…

Lykke Team Members Will Teach at Perm Winter School'17 on FinTech

Lykke will curate the international conference Perm Winter School, which will be held on February 3-4, 2017 in Perm (Russia). Annually, this unique event brings together international financial experts, scholars, teachers, and students of economic and IT professions.

The Seventh Winter School will focus on the topic that generates a lot of hopes and disputes today - the Financial Technologies. The event participants will discuss the blockchain technology and its revolutionizing capital markets, banking and risk management in the era of financial technologies, as well as advanced models of market microstructure…

Lykke Unveils Lykke Streams Collaboration Platform

Today Lykke announced the opening of Lykke Streams, a new crowdsourcing initiative that reimagines how projects of all kinds can be staffed and completed. The beta release of Lykke Streams is available at It will provide a forum for publishing project ideas and attracting talent from around the world. Project originators can post their ideas on the platform and set aside prize funds to be awarded upon completion…

Lykke Exchange is now Licensed to Provide Financial Services in Asian and African Countries

Lykke announced today the establishment of Lykke Vanuatu, a new licensed entity.

Lykke Vanuatu will provide access to Lykke Exchange for residents in Asian and African countries in compliance with local regulations. Internet users in these countries can download the free Lykke Wallet application to participate…

The Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities Markets

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued a Discussion Paper for public consultation on distributed ledger technology (DLT). These are Lykke answers to the questions they raise about possible benefits of the DLT applied to securities markets, key challenges and possible shortcomings, and key risks…

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