Blog · February, 09

Lykke has announced the launch of its proprietary 1-year forward offering to be officially unveiled on February 9th 2017 at a Lykke-hosted event in Zurich, Switzerland. From February 9th 2017, Lykke will offer a novel financial instrument which operates much like today’s forward contracts with the benefit of being ‘at the run’ for the entirety of the contract period — a significant difference from current procedure which sees settlement occur only at the settlement date. Investors can obtain a 20% discount subject to holding Lykke coins for 1 year. 

Blog · January, 26

We are looking for a SEO Manager to work with the Lykke team. Professionalism matters, but first of all we searching for enthusiastic people around the world who want to join us in our mission. The SEO Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing the Search Engine Marketing Optimisation Strategy and the Social Media Plan for the group. Check it out for yourself and share with your friends and network!

Blog · December, 30

When transactions are at the mercy of centralised systems, we are exposed to extra risks. Blockchain offers a better way.

Blog · November, 28

Lykke co-founder Sergey Ivliev updates Coin Interview about Lykke: offchain settlement, margin trading, Lykke Streams and more.

Blog · November, 10

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has issued a Discussion Paper for public consultation on distributed ledger technology (DLT). These are Lykke answers to the questions they raise about possible benefits of the DLT applied to securities markets, key challenges and possible shortcomings, and key risks.

Blog · October, 20

Autumn of 2016 has been a very busy period for the Lykke team. Nevertheless, 22 people from 7 countries found a couple of days in October to get together in Montenegro to sum up the results, get updates on the company strategy, coordinate our planning efforts, and enjoy the company of colleagues and the warmth of Adriatic coast. Check the topics we discussed - there are links to presentations slides in the post.

Blog · October, 07

Richard Olsen, Lykke founder and CEO, answered questions of users of, a global Blockchain marketplace for learning and teaching online.

Blog · September, 30

Unlike Bitcoin Сolored Сoins that are literally stored in the Bitcoin addresses, Ethereum tokens are just records in a single variable of an Ethereum smart contract. Ultimately a standard token contract on Ethereum blockchain is both a coin holders ledger and an interface (set of rules and functions) that allows to update internal contract ledger records in a proper way.

Blog · September, 28

Lykke team has just returned from Singapore where we participated in IATA World Financial Symposium 2016 and witnessed how the blockchain can inspire creativity, lead to the future and make dream projects come true. The blockchain technology turned out to be one of the major topics for The Future of financial technologies track. IATA shared its inspirational idea at WFS 2016 FinTech session - IATA digital coin. Lykke is proud to have had a chance to contribute. Please check the video from the presentation.

Blog · September, 26

Lykke is one year old today. The team of 21 people is celebrating by launching a new version of its logo. “Lykke is now a toddler,” said Richard Olsen. “We are walking, but we have a long journey ahead of us. I'm grateful for the people who see the Lykke dream and are joining me, joining us, as we keep our eyes and hearts focused on resetting the financial playing field for people around the world”.