Lykke partners with Altcoin Fantasy and launches an exciting trading competition

Lykke partners with Altcoin Fantasy and launches an exciting trading competition

This partnership will enrich Lykke’s offering of educational materials with an interactive platform allowing users to learn how to trade in a fun way and without investing any funds.

14 October 2019, Zug (Switzerland) - Lykke’s CEO Richard Olsen and Altcoin Fantasy’s CEO Cynthia Huang agreed to join forces in offering educational content to the constantly growing audience of crypto beginners.

As a part of this partnership, Altcoin Fantasy will launch a trading competition sponsored by Lykke. By participating in this contest, users will be able to learn the main principles of crypto trading and develop their own trading strategies.

And there is more! Participants will also be in with a chance to win prizes:

  • 1 first prize $300
  • 4 second prizes $125
  • 20 third prizes $20
  • 1 prize every single day of $10

By participating in this competition, users have the unique opportunity of being rewarded with LyCI tokens. The contest will run from October 14 to October 26. To claim their prize participants will need to register with Lykke, pass KYC and abide by our standard T&Cs. More information about the rules, prizes and country restrictions is available on the official page of Altcoin Fantasy.

“Lykke’s mission is to create conditions for a more democratic financial system in which everyone can exchange any kind of assets freely and instantly. We believe that financial literacy will increase generally as blockchain technology eliminates intermediaries. Partnering with Altcoin Fantasy will allow crypto beginners to improve their financial literacy in an interactive way, empowering them to participate in the new digital financial economy.” - Richard Olsen, Lykke founder and CEO.

"Altcoin Fantasy is focused on onboarding people into crypto and advancing mainstream adoption. It's important for us that we have partners that we can onboard our users onto and with Lykke, they have a wallet, an exchange and a crypto index, making it easy for people to get started with crypto, no matter their skill level." - Cynthia Huang, Altcoin Fantasy’s CEO.

Altcoin Fantasy is the most realistic and fun Bitcoin and crypto trading simulator game. Users can enjoy fantasy trading competitions where they can win real crypto prizes for improving their trading skills. They can compete against players all around the world while learning from the trading strategies of other users. It is always free to play and there is no experience required!

Lykke is a Swiss-based fintech company building a global marketplace for the free exchange of any kind of digitized assets. Lykke was founded in 2015 and has been verified by Blockchain Transparency Institute as one of the few crypto exchanges not involved in wash trading. Lykke offers for trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies, 21 fiat currencies, commodities and unique instruments for managing your investment portfolio such as the LyCI product offering. More information about the company and its vision is available on its official website.

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