Lykke launches new HFT (High-Frequency Trading) APIs for algorithmic trading

What is high frequency trading?

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High-frequency trading allows users to execute trades at a speed impossible in manual trading thanks to automation by using trading algorithms, which is why it’s also known as a type of “algorithmic trading”. The new Lykke APIs allow users to connect an algorithm to the cryptocurrency exchange seamlessly. The new release of the updated APIs now supports gRPC protocol. This protocol uses HTTP 2.0 Standard, WebSocket, and ProtoBuf, which helps to reduce latency, allows more efficient use of the CPU, and provides access to network resources on the client's side.

Algorithmic trading offers a possibility to automate trading decision-making based on a series of previously set rules, which constitute a high frequency trading algorithm. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a trending topic and due to their volatility, cryptocurrencies offer incredible possibilities of generating income to day traders or frequency traders. These algorithms may be written in different programming languages.

An easy integration with many programming languages is the best part of the gRPC protocol of the Lykke APIs. It relies on proto files with contracts which generate a client library. This generates a new response format, abstracted from the protocol itself, allowing you to work in a custom manner with the Lykke HFT APIs regardless of the protocol.

The New Response of the server is no longer included in the gRPC protocol, enabling each user to work with the algorithmic trading API in their unique manner. Additionally, the contracts in the Rest API protocol also had been updated. A new set of functions and models is being used, very similar to those of gRPC protocol.

Because of the gRPC protocol, the user now is able to receive a Market Data Stream directly from the server:

  • Order book - Get snapshots and changes in the order books.
  • Prices - Get snapshots and changes in the current prices.
  • 24hr Ticker Statistics - Get a snapshot of the current ticker statistics and the stream of data updates.

We have also added the capability to receive a stream of data from your API Wallet using gRPC protocol:

  • Balances - Get a snapshot of your API Wallet balance and the balance changes.
  • Transactions - Get a stream of completed trades of your API Wallet.
  • Orders - Get a stream of changes in active orders of your API Wallet.

We have enhanced the overall performance of the algo trading APIs by optimizing different areas such as: reducing data backlogs, prices, book orders, balances, and active orders.

We have also optimized the API Keys management and enhanced overall security.

  • The secret key of the HFT Wallet can only be received after creating or regenerating the key.
  • The secret key of the HFT Wallet will only be regenerated when using 2FA.
  • The transfer of funds between the HFT Wallet and the Lykke Trading Wallet will require 2FA authentication.

The Lykke APIs allow you to automate Bitcoin trading without fees by using a trading algorithm at Lykke.

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HFT API Documentation and Guidelines

You will find the full high-frequency trading API documentation here.  If you need a step by step guide on how to set up your endpoints please check our Python guide and C# guide.

If you need further assistance regarding high frequency trading software or questions about what is algo trading please don't hesitate to contact

About Lykke
Lykke Corp is a fintech company headquartered in Switzerland. We offer financial products and services at both B2C and B2B levels. Among other options in our product offering, there’s a cryptocurrency exchange for HFT finance with favorable conditions for API traders: 0 fees, multiple trading pairs, a possibility of forex, and commodities trading. Lykke complies with the KYC and AML standards and offers 24/7 human technical support.

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