Lykke Wins FinTech of the Year Award in Digital Championship Cyprus 2016–2017

Lykke Wins FinTech of the Year Award in Digital Championship Cyprus 2016–2017

Lykke, a Swiss Fintech company building a global marketplace on the Blockchain, has won the first-place Fintech Company of the Year award in the Digital Championship Cyprus 2016–2017 contest, by participating through its Cyprus entity.

“We salute our extended Lykke family for helping us achieve this prize, and we commend our competitors in the contest for their interesting and innovative work,” said Lykke founder and CEO Richard Olsen.

The Lykke team, led by Demetrios Zamboglou, Yiannis Menelaou, and Arseniy Steblyuk, highlighted the ability of the Lykke Exchange to act as the framework for a single digital market for the fair and open trade of all products and services—a goal that the European Union shares.

But it was not just Lykke’s revolutionary technology that found favor with the judges of the contest. The commitment to social and environmental concerns, coupled with the profile of the senior leadership team and the ambitious reach of the product roadmap, also contributed to Lykke winning the award.

About the Digital Championship

The Digital Championship honors the most innovative and competitive work in digital technology from individual entrepreneurs, startup companies, and small to medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Cyprus. Contestants compete by offering products and services that promote the long-term digital priorities of the European Union. The contest is sponsored and organized by the Republic of Cyprus, the European Commission, and various universities.

About Lykke

Lykke is changing the world by building a secure global marketplace for the exchange of all financial assets. Founded by Richard Olsen of, and encouraging participation from all users, the Lykke Exchange intends to level the financial playing field through direct ownership of assets and immediate settlement of trades.

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