Lykke and CryptoTaxCalculator Integration: Crypto taxes at a discounted rate

Zug, Switzerland. – June 13th, 2022. Lykke, a Swiss-based commission-free cryptocurrency exchange and CryptoTaxCalculator, a tool to help identify, track and organize all your crypto activity across hundreds of exchanges and blockchains with ease, announce their partnership and the integration of the two platforms. The integration will allow cryptocurrency traders to generate a tax report by using CryptoTaxCalculator for their transactions on the Lykke Wallet cryptocurrency exchange. This partnership makes the life of Lykke users again easier. 

Lykke users will receive a special discount for CryptoTaxCalculator. To apply the discount, the user will add the code during checkout and receives 30% off in the first year with CryptoTaxCalculator. This offer is only valid for a limited time. The plan allows Lykke users to sort out their crypto taxes without using Excel. To connect their Lykke account to the CryptoTaxCalculator the user needs to register. Additional instructions are available here.

“We are delighted to announce the partnership with CryptoTaxCalculator and offer our users to benefit from the intuitive interface and the visually configurable tax reports of the CryptoTaxCalculator. As the crypto tax regulation evolves, our active users need to comply with the tax laws. The integration of the CryptoTaxCalculator with the zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange Lykke aims to address exactly this.” - Richard Olsen,CEO and founder of Lykke.

“At CryptoTaxCalculator, we’re working on making crypto users’ lives easier, no matter where they are in the world - which is why this partnership with Lykke made perfect sense. We’re excited to work together to make crypto tax compliance more accessible for their multitude of users.” - Shane Brunette, CEO and co-founder of CryptoTaxCalculator.

About Lykke

Lykke is an umbrella term for a group of entities that offer blockchain-powered solutions on a B2B and a B2P level. Lykke runs a proprietary cryptocurrency trading platform Lykke Wallet exchange. Lykke Wallet is a commission-free exchange which offers zero trading fees both to retail and high-frequency, or algorithmic, traders. Lykke has been on the market since 2015, and it has gained a reputation as a fully-functional, transparent and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform with highly cost-effective trading conditions. Lykke not only offers cryptocurrency trading without fees but also maintains low buy-sell spreads on all crypto and fiat trading pairs. There are some 20 selected cryptocurrencies, and the list is growing. To start trading, download the app or get registered on our website!

About CryptoTaxCalculator

CryptoTaxCalculator is building the platform to make understanding your tax obligations simple and straightforward. Their tools help identify, track and organize all your crypto activity across hundreds of exchanges and blockchains with ease and accuracy.

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