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Internal Control Manager



Middle Backend C# developer

IT department


Senior Frontend developer (React Native)

IT department


What's it like to work at Lykke?

Gianmarco Reho

“ At Lykke you can work in a stimulating environment with smart and friendly people. You can use and improve your skills at the best, working on interesting projects, from anywhere. ”

Anna Bajzikova

“ Working at Lykke gave me all the flexibility I needed for my family, while keeping me up-to-date and challenged in regards to new trends in technology and finance. ”

Elizabeth Serero

“ Being part of the Lykke-family allowed me to join a very interesting and unique journey through which I acquire new skills and knowledge within the world of crypto every day. I feel empowered to grow in my role while being part of a great team. ”

Anna Ilina

“ Working at Lykke is very exciting because you can work at any time from anywhere in the world as long as your team advances and reaches their goals. This freedom and flexibility show that the company values your time and trusts in you, which motivates you to be responsible to the fullest. And finally, the teams are small, so you have to multitask and therefore constantly learn, I like learning new things and developing professionally. ”

Tatiana Alymova

“ Delivering innovative products in Lykke makes me feel a part of the future. Work in Lykke is always a challenge and move towards gaining a better professional experience. ”

Carla Seffinga

“ Working for Lykke allowed me to work during my studies which allows me to use my theoretical know-how in business and vice versa. ”

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