How to Buy ADA With Fiat Without Fees

Wondering how to buy Cardano (ADA) without fees? It’s easier than you might think. In this article, we will tell you how to buy Cardano with cash by bank transfer in three simple steps. 

ADA is one of the top assets on Coinmarketcap, the native currency of the Cardano project. Cardano is building a third generation blockchain that is environmentally sustainable, based on a research-driven consensus protocol and offering various applications. Among these applications, there are verifiable smart contracts and Dapps. Cardano, in fact, is aiming at becoming the default blockchain for an entire ecosystem of Dapps.

With all that, ADA becomes an attractive asset which many investors and traders are interested in acquiring or trading. Lykke Wallet cryptocurrency exchange offers its clients a possibility to trade, sell or buy Cardano without fees. To do that, follow several simple steps below.

How to buy Cardano's ADA without fees - a step by step guide

1. Get registered and KYC-approved at Lykke Wallet commission-free crypto exchange.

2. Make a bank transfer (in Euro, Swiss francs, or GBP). Lykke covers the bank fee for its users, but you might have to pay the correspondent bank fees, if any. Lykke is probably the only exchange on the market that covers the deposit expenses for the user.

You can also make a crypto transfer from another cryptocurrency exchange to Lykke crypto exchange. The other venue might charge you some withdrawal fees, however, at Lykke, we don't charge any fees for crypto deposits.

3. Exchange your fiat funds directly into ADA without trading fees.

The trading pairs at the moment of publishing are:

USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, check here the latest information on the trading pairs.

Why is the zero crypto trading fee policy important for traders?

A trading fee is a commission that a crypto exchange charges for each transaction on it. These are generally known as the taker and maker fees. In cryptocurrency trading, sometimes you have to do multiple trades before you actually make profit. However, even if your trade is not profitable, you still have to pay a commission, which does not incentivize traders to increase the frequency of their trades.

On Lykke exchange, the taker and maker fees are zero. If the trading fee is zero, no matter how many trades you execute, you never pay taker and maker fees. Therefore, our no trading fee policy is particularly beneficial for API traders who use bots to automate their crypto trading strategies and increase the frequency of trades. If you still don't have a trading bot, we recommend you have a look at the Margin platform with a range of popular crypto trading bots already available for customization. If you introduce the discount code "Lykke" when purchasing a Margin bot, you will get a 30% discount on the Starter plan for trading on Lykke exchange.

About Lykke Wallet

Lykke Wallet is a cryptocurrency and forex digital exchange based in Switzerland and founded in 2015. It has gained a reputation of a transparent venue committed to regulation compliance. The exchange offers a web trading platform and apps for Android and iOS. Professional traders can connect their trading robots via an API. Both retail and API traders enjoy very favorable trading conditions with zero trading fees and low buy-sell spreads at Lykke. Learn more and get registered here.

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