Algorithmic Trading

Do you trade with a plan? How many times have you gone back on your trading plan? Was it worth it? 

Well.. perhaps it is time you go full on with API trading. Continue reading while we digest some of the common issues and address some of the benefits of setting up your trading bot with Lykke. 

How much weight does your gut feeling play in your trading strategy?

Have you ever found yourself in the critical moment of a trade where your gut feeling tells you to exit your position and then moments later you regret having listened to your gut? Well, those moments are common in inexperienced or emotional traders. This overthinking of trade leads to overtrading which may translate to trading losses. The gut feeling is a double-edged sword, meaning you could have been right, or you could have been wrong. 

Enter API Trading

API trading is known by many names - Algorithmic (algo) trading or High-Frequency Trading (HFT) amongst them – and is a form of trading that allows you to remove the emotional factor from the equation. This is achieved simply by instructing a computer how to trade and what strategy to follow. This type of trading allows you to trade multiple assets at the same time while using different strategies, helping you with portfolio diversification. How many assets can you realistically efficiently follow up without losing efficacy? This concern does not exist with algorithmic(algo) trading.

Algorithms are difficult, it is not for me.

The word algorithm may look like a strong word, but it is, in fact, harmless. Like with everything in life, there is variety, and you can use anything from broad pre-defined strategies or you can build your own. Complexity is a choice in this regard. An algorithm can be as simply defined as setting some basic rules to follow such as buy X when Y reaches this point, and sell X when Y reaches that point. The details of course will depend on your creativity and tech skills, but a simple scalping trading bot really does not require that much work (just saying).

Why would you try API Trading at Lykke?

  • First of all, Lykke offers 0 fees whatsoever. Even for API trading, whether you are a taker or a maker, there are no fees. Lykke aims to democratize finance for everyone.
  • We offer tight spreads in the top trading crypto pairs, but in case you are not just into crypto, we also offer tight spreads in the traditional forex pairs.
  • Ability to stream public real-live-market data.
  • Withdraw your funds anytime and anywhere, we do not have any withdrawal restrictions. You may withdraw to your bank account without fees, or use the blockchain to cash out your assets.
  • Fast and seamless onboarding process. (You can start registering now!)
  • Clear and easy-to-use documentation.
  • Lykke Support team is extremely knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions 24/7. 
  • We follow an agile development approach, taking into account everyone’s feedback, and taking decisions in our user’s best interests.

Lykke’s ecosystem aims to enable people to trade from anywhere and anytime, democratizing finance by giving access to financial tools that are commonly accessible to the big players. By lowering the barriers for market entry, solving inefficiencies of the current economic system, and democratizing access to digital assets, Lykke is bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain.

In a world where knowledge is widely spread thanks to the internet, we believe that everyone can learn and benefit from API trading. Human nature dictates that people are generally afraid of the unknown. As a result, API trading is a subject that is mostly rejected by people who believe it is too complex or that they lack the knowledge or time to learn. We believe that everyone has the potential to learn, you just need to start somewhere, so why not at Lykke?

About Lykke

Lykke is a Swiss-based investment and financial product provider leveraging the power of the blockchain. Lykke runs a proprietary exchange — Lykke Wallet — where clients can buy, sell and store a large variety of tokenized assets, amongst them cryptocurrencies, national currencies, native tokens but also investment products.

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Algorithmic Trading

Do you trade with a plan? How many times have you gone back on your trading plan? Was it worth it? Well.. perhaps it is time you go full on with API trading. Continue reading while we digest some of the common issues and address some of the benefits of setting up your trading bot with Lykke.

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