Bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain.

Lykke’s mission is to build a new ecosystem for the outdated finance industry by leveraging the power of the blockchain. Since its inception the company has been committed to upgrade finance and support the industry in reinventing itself, with a systemic approach across both B2C and B2B markets. Through its marketplace, Lykke offers unique financial products and empowers both retail customers and financial institutions to invest with no intermediaries, low cost and ease of use.

Lykke is a pioneer in the finance space and has several years of international operational experience with a sophisticated financial engineering team, scalable blockchain agnostic infrastructure and in-depth know-how in the tokenization of assets of all types. To support its vision, Lykke built the first front-to-back investment and trading infrastructure built from the ground up for tokenized financial products and native blockchain assets.

A word from our founder and CEO, Richard Olsen

Even since the beginning of my 25-year career in finance, I have felt that the entire financial system needed to be changed. Finance is such a critical part of all social, economic and political life. However, so far the system has only increased inequalities, preserved inefficiencies and fostered differences across societies. Today, more than ever, people feel locked out of, and let down by the financial system. That is about to change.  Tokenisation will be the arteries of this new system, allowing every organ of society to access the vital resources that nourish the system, powered by the heart. Tokenisation will democratize finance, granting access to new market participants, introducing new financial products. 

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