How much can I save trading with Lykke?

Trading fees determine a trading strategy's profitability and therefore need to be understood and managed.

Professionals in particular focus on trading fees since this is an easy way to boost the profitability of any trading strategy.

Lykke earns money from the spreads between buy and sell prices.

Trade crypto like a pro from anywhere

Safe, fully-functional and intuitive crypto app where you can buy, sell, trade and securely store cryptocurrency. Try one of the best cryptocurrency apps and experience the freedom of trading on the go.

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Trade free from security fears

Lykke Wallet offers a seamless user interface, a robust API and a host of other professional tools for best-in-class trading experience.

API for crypto & forex trading

Build and test your best trading strategies with our robust, scalable, secure, and real-time market data APIs.


HFT API documentation

Set up your algorithmic trading strategy, explore different processes and tactics, and level up your game with Lykke's HFT APIs.

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- APIs V1 (Legacy)

Public API documentation

From Candles to Asset Pairs and Order Books, check out and stay connected to the market information with Lykke's Public APIs.

More about gRPC

The modern, lightweight communication protocol from Google. It's a high-performance open-source universal remote procedure call (RPC) framework that works across a dozen languages running in any OS.

Bitcoin, Crypto, Forex with 0% Trading Fee

Get started today with as little as 1 € and trade 20+ cryptocurrencies and 10+ forex trading pairs with no fee. Discover why we are one of the best blockchain exchanges out there and experience feeless trading at its finest.


Human Support 24/7

Personalized premium support service focused on your needs. Contact our support through any channel you prefer: calls, call requests, emails, live chats, etc.


Crypto Fiat On-Ramp and Off-Ramp

Deposit and withdraw EUR, GBP, CHF, and exchange fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat directly and without commission at Lykke Wallet, the best fiat to crypto exchange and crypto to fiat exchange.


Supported currencies

With support for multiple cryptocurrencies, our platform is your go-to destination for feeless XRP, Ethereum and Bitcoin trading.

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Cryptocurrency Fees

With our low trading fees, we are one of the cheapest crypto exchanges for traders of all levels. See fees and minimum amounts for deposits and withdrawals here:

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Cryptocurrency Banned Countries

Because of various regulations, we do not operate in these countries:

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Learn why Lykke is at the top of the list of the crypto exchanges with the lowest fees.

Lykke Wallet is not only one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges and one of the crypto exchanges with the lowest fees., but also one of the best exchanges for Europe, UK, and US markets. At Lykke Wallet, it is possible to trade cryptocurrency with no fees at all. The trading fee at Lykke Wallet is zero for all assets - Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This 0 fee policy is applied both to retail and API traders. It means that at Lykke, it is possible to trade Bitcoin literally without paying fees, even if you use a bot for algorithmic trading. Our zero-fee policy makes the Lykke Wallet cryptocurrency exchange attractive for high-frequency trading. Learn more about how to connect your bot to Lykke Wallet through API here.

Moreover, our sophisticated trading algorithms allow us to maintain low spreads on major pairs. The algorithms are built based on years of experience and scientific research. The founder of Lykke Richard Olsen, also the founder of OANDA, is an economist and a pioneer in high-frequency finance. The company takes its origins in Mr Olsen’s vision of how the financial system can be democratized.

In addition, at Lykke, we believe that an exchange has to be a level playing field for all kinds of traders. This is why our business model allows us to be one of the crypto exchanges with the lowest fees. At Lykke, it is possible to not only trade Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Cardano, Tezos, Uniswap and dozens of other cryptocurrencies without fees but also to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies without any fees charged by Lykke (the third-party payment providers can apply a fee though). Learn more about the Lykke fee policy here, and have a happy time trading.

Here’s an example of how trading at Lykke Wallet can be the most cost-effective on the cryptocurrency market: Consider that an average quoted spread in the crypto market is around 0.1% per pair, the crypto market average trading fee is around 0.2%. If we open and close a position, the round-up final fee would be 0.4%, but we will end up with a total of 0.5% of costs (including the average market spread). While trading at Lykke Wallet, the spread is around 0.15% and in many more cases lower than that. Here’s why the total cost for opening and closing a position is exactly that - the spread of 0.15%.

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